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Fatehgarh Churian near Pindi Village
Gurdaspur Amritsar, Punjab
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Principal Message

In the words of Dalai Lama,”When we educate the minds of our youth,we must not forget to educate their hearts”.Good education not only means to get good jobs and good earnings but to become a good human being also.In Today’s world new trends of education have come.Parents also take keen interest to make a right choice of school for their young ones.The spirit of never give up extrenched’ in the heart of every student which make them not only a good student but a brilliant human being also.

C.S.E is imbiling in its students value based education with modern teaching learning methods to produce a generation of well informed and emotionally sound generation.

The school has a very competent team of teachers strive to focus on each and every child,monitor and mentor them.They appreciate their achivement and encourage them to overcome their short comings.

I expect all my students focus on their goals and strive hard to achieve them.I wish them all the best.